“Alma Tassi is a true content marketing professional with whom I've had the pleasure to work with for the past five years.  In my role as an advertising sale director I greatly appreciate her ability to positively interact with customers. She is able to help them create and position their messages so they achieve the results they desire.  She is smart, quick, efficient, creative and curious - a real joy to work with!”
—Ann Reed, Advertising Sales Director, Spirituality & Health magazine

“Alma Tassi brings great editorial judgment, a cool head, and a bottomless well of ideas to her role as a digital content director.”
—Ilima Loomis, writer

“Alma is a talented writer, editor, and content strategist, with an understanding of both editorial nuance, marketing needs, audience and the various and ever-changing digital platforms. On top of all of this, she's highly productive, full of ideas and insights and a pleasure to be around. Clearly, I'm a fan, and I just hope I get to work with her again soon.”
—Karen Bouris, Executive Director, Environmental Initiatives

“You can count on Alma to have a nuanced understanding of this ever-unfolding field of spirituality, health, and wellness – the topics as well as the current and emerging thought leaders.”
—Meggen Watt Peterson, COO, Spirituality & Health magazine 

“With grace and charm, she kept multiple project on time, balancing competing demands and pressures from different stakeholders. She also has a strong creative streak, and is strategic in thinking about developing products that speak to market segments.”
—Mark Kerr, Executive Acquiring Sponsoring Editor at Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

“Her creativity, professionalism, integrity, and ability to consistently exceed clients expectations are well known and highly regarded amongst anyone she has worked with on Maui.”
—Katie McMillian, Executive Director Book Trust Hawaii