Selected clips and links to my work. For more details on my experience, visit my profile on LinkedIn.


Articles for local publications:

  • Channeling Marilyn - An escape to Kamaha‘o: A Marilyn Monroe Spa (PDF)

  • Crowning the King & Queen of the Water (PDF)

  • In the Kitchen with Chef Ryan Lucky. (PDF)

  • The Lap of Luxury: Hands on Pampering (link)

  • The Language of Sailing. (PDF)

Special advertising sections for Budget Travel:

  • Returning to Hawaii’s Shores (PDF)

  • A Playground in Paradise (PDF)


Profiles of nonprofit founders:

  • Buddhist Pathways Prison Project. (PDF)

  • 100 Women Who Care Maui (PDF)


  • Soak, Slather, or Swallow? An advertorial for cbdMD: (PDF)

  • A Deeper Dive into Sound Healing. An advertorial for Sunreed Instruments (PDF)

E-books from existing content to act as lead generation tools:

  • Healthy Aging for Body, Mind, and Spirit (PDF)

  • 10 New Discoveries that Matter To Your Health (PDF)

Art & Culture

  • Catching Magic by the Tail: An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (PDF)

  • The Ways of Silk - An article about Maui artists utilizing silk as their medium. (PDF)

  • Green Tea and Sweet Biscuits with Uluwehi Guerero (PDF)

  • The Wit and Wonder of Imago Theater's ZooZoo (PDF)

Online Courses

I launched an online course program for Spirituality & Health, producing 10 courses during the first year. My key role was finding instructors and working with them to develop course materials, as well as strategizing and marketing each launch. View them here.


I launched a podcast program for Spirituality & Health, producing over 100 episodes with guests such as Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Dr. Dan Siegel, Parker J. Palmer, Elizabeth Gilbert, and other leaders in health, spirituality, and relationships. Listen to podcasts here.

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